Mionica, 30 December 2019

Easier Employment in the Hotel Industry with the Support of Norway

Municipality of Mionica, with support from the Kingdom of Norway through “Norway for You – Serbia” project, implements the “Change of Perspective” project which will empower the marginalised groups to find employment by providing them vocational trainings and personal development.

Through this project, 24 unemployed people from the vulnerable and marginalized groups receive a three-month hotel training course that includes waiter, cooking, and hotel maintenance training. In addition, training also includes English and IT courses to make them more competitive in the jobs market. After the training, a meeting with representatives of the business sector and potential employers is foreseen.

“The key result of this project is to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate in Mionica. And increasing employment opportunities, especially for vulnerable and marginalized groups, is one of our priorities,” Norway for You - Serbia Project Manager Radule Ristović said.

The Change of Perspective project is funded by the Kingdom of Norway for 9,400 Euros, while the Municipality of Mionica contributes 1,100 Euros.