Aleksinac, 12 December 2019

Better Opportunities for Employment in Aleksinac with Norwegian Support

Vocational training in line with the local employment action plan in the Municipality of Aleksinac was successfully completed by 35 participants of the IT and foreign language courses, with the support from the Kingdom of Norway through the “Norway for You – Serbia“ Project.

Within the Project “Implementation of the Vocational Training in line with the Local Employment Action Plan in the Municipality of Aleksinac”, 20 attendees took the German language course, while 20 participants had IT training, out of which 35 successfully passed final tests and obtained the certificates. All participants are registered with the National Employment Bureau, and the vocational training will bring them an opportunity to find jobs.

“I acquired a basic knowledge of German language and now I need to continue with learning it further, because only like that I will be competitive when looking for employment. More and more German companies are coming to Aleksinac, so I believe this will help me to start working,” one of the beneficiaries Daliborka Stevanović said.

According to the Mayor of Aleksinac Nenad Stanković, the attendees of these trainings will use the new skills in getting jobs in this municipality.

“Kingdom of Norway supports the development of Aleksinac through different projects, so it enabled the unemployed to get the chance for finding jobs,“ Stanković said.

Savings within the project budget will be used for the practical education of three unemployed persons in the area of tiling and façade works. Kingdom of Norway funded this project with 10,000 Euros, while the Municipality of Aleksinac cofounded with 1,800 Euros.

“Within the “Norway for You” project, eight vocational education projects in line with the local action plans were supported in Aleksinac, Mionica, Bela Palanka, Sjenica, Trgovište and Babušnica in the total value of 84,000 Euros“, “Norway for You - Serbia” Project Manager Radule Ristović said.

The “Norway for You - Serbia” Project aims to contribute to a balanced socio-economic development in Serbia by increasing employment opportunities, in particular for vulnerable and marginalised groups, supporting social cohesion, improving local infrastructure, supporting the Republic of Serbia’s integration into the European Union and strengthening the information security of the Serbian Government. The Project is funded by the Kingdom of Norway with EUR 6.18 million, and activities on the ground are implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).